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This document contains details on allowances and overages for features covered in the Zuplo pricing plans.

Included Usage

Each plan includes usage allowances of various features.

Requests / month0.25 million10 millionCustom
Egress Bandwidth2.5GB100GBCustom
API Keys25010,000Custom
Custom Domains-2Custom
Key Value Store - Reads1M10MCustom
Key Value Store - Writes0.1M1MCustom
Key Value Store - Deletes0.1M1MCustom
Key Value Store - Lists0.1M1MCustom
Key Value Store - Data Storage1GB10GBCustom

Overages (Business Plan Only)

For the Business plan, additional usage will incur additional charges. The Builder plan is limited to the included usage only and cannot have overages. This section does not apply for Enterprise customers with custom terms.

Requests and egress are sold in bundles of 100GB egress + 10M Requests / month for $100 per month.

Key Value Store - Reads$0.50 per 1M
Key Value Store - Writes$5.00 per 1M
Key Value Store - Deletes$5.00 per 1M
Key Value Store - Lists$5.00 per 1M
Key Value Store - Data Storage$0.50 per 1GB/m
Additional Custom Domains$10 per month