Monetization Glossary

This document contains a list of concepts and terms that are useful to understand regarding Zuplo's monetization product.

Stripe Subscription#

Subscriptions in Stripe are what register a user to the Product they have purchased. When a user goes through the checkout process, they will be registered as a Customer in Stripe with a Subscription. The Subscription will contain a single Stripe Product.

Stripe Product#

A Stripe product is where the price of your API Plans are specified. Stripe handles the billing, currency exchange rates, tax calculations, etc. Products in Stripe match with API Plans.

API Plan#

An API Plan is where you specify the quotas that will be enforced for a particular user that has purchased access to your API. Plans contain a field (External ID) that is used to reference a Strip Product.

Metering Service#

The Zuplo Metering Service is the service that stores the "API Plan" data and keeps track of the meters that are consumed within your API.

Step 3 - Configure Monetization Policy