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Custom Base Path

Use a custom property on OpenAPI documents to automatically remove a base path and set the forwarding server.

Custom Base Path#

This examples shows how to store base path and backend server configuration in the servers object of the OpenAPI and then use a policy to dynamically remove the base path and set the forwarded property of the URL in order to send the request to the correct backend server.

Example OpenAPI Configuration#

Adding the custom extension x-base-path to the servers object allows us to match the base path to the correct server url.

  "servers": [
      "url": "",
      "x-base-path": "/my-base-1"

Import the OpenAPI files#

Zuplo allows importing the OpenAPI JSON files into a module so their configuration can be read.

import { servers as servers1 } from "../config/routes1.oas.json";
import { servers as servers2 } from "../config/routes2.oas.json";
const servers = [...servers1, ...servers2];

A point of caution here. Zuplo's build will import anything that is referenced. So if you import the entire OpenAPI file (i.e. import routes from "../config/routes.oas.json"), the entire contents will be in your build and could impact your Gateway's performance if you have a particularly large file.

This is why, in the above example, only the { servers } portion of the file is imported.

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