Fastest way to ship a ChatGPT plugin

UPDATE See this post for a detailed walkthrough Shipping a ChatGPT plugin in record time

OpenAI recently announced Chat Plugins for Chat GPT.

To make a plugin you just need an API with an accompanying OpenAPI definition that the Chat GPT. The plugin engine is especially impressive - don't take my word for it; here's Mitchell Hashimoto, Founder of HashiCorp:

Tweet from Mitchell Hashimoto

See tweet here

If you already have an API and are excited to make it into a Chat GPT plugin there's a few things you'll need to do

  • Authentication - support auth with an API Key or OAuth2 client-id and secret.
  • OpenAPI - offer an OpenAPI definition so GPT can understand your API
  • Rate-limiting - add rate-limiting to your API (with retry-after) so OpenAI don't over-consume your resources

Fortunately, Zuplo is here to help. Zuplo is an API Gateway that natively supports OpenAPI (you can generate it using our route designer or import your own). What's more we make it easy to support API key authentication and rate-limiting, making it the fastest and easiest way for you to surface your plugin to OpenAI.

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