API Key Management

Add API Key based authentication to an API in minutes, adhering to best practices and allowing your users to self-serve their keys.

Keys on the Edge

Your API keys are as close to your users as possible delivering extreme performance.

Self Serve

Your users can self-serve their API keys without waiting for you to create them.

Leak Detection

Zuplo alerts you in case we detect any of your API Keys committed to Github.

Total Customization

With Zuplo, everything is easily customizable through code, and so are your API Keys. Every time you receive a request, you can customize the response based on the API key used. Rate Limit per API Key, add free trial to specific API Keys, monetize your API, or code literally anything you can think of.
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Let Your Users Self-Serve

With every Zuplo deployment, you get a beautiful developer portal that allows your users to interact easily with your API. Your users can login and self-serve their API keys without waiting for you to create, manage, or revoke them.
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Integrate with Your Existing App

With our Open Source React component, you can easily add Zuplo's API key management into your existing dashboards and instantly enable users to create, manage, and revoke API keys without leaving your application.
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Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge