Deprecation: Manual Test UI

The manually test tab in the Zuplo portal will be removed in January 2024. This feature allowed developers to create and save "manual" tests that could be run against their Zuplo API.

This feature has been replaced instead by the inline test running in the Route Builder.

The below screenshot shows the Manual Test Runner UI. This tab will be completely removed in the Zuplo portal.

Legacy Test Console

Migration Options#

Instead of using Zuplo-specific test tools, we recommend utilizing purpose built tooling such as HTTPie, Postman, or Hopscotch.

Zuplo Code Tests#

Zuplo code tests written in typescript will move to the main code editor tab where you can continue to edit or view these files. Running tests with the Zuplo CLI is still fully supported (and recommended!). For more information on testing your Zuplo API see the documentation.